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Taking The Headache Out Of Hosting

Interactive Graphics provides enterprise class hosting and email services at a price small and medium business can afford.

We utilize a one-of-a-kind hybrid hosting environment so you no longer have to decide between Windows or Unix, Coldfusion or ASP, MySQL or Microsoft SQL. You have it all.


Host your web and mobile sites with us. We feature an easy to use administrator interface and lots of built-in applications. Features include:

  • EasyChat
  • Announcer
  • EasyMaker Pro
  • EasyStoreMaker


EasyMail makes it easy to add and update accounts. You can access your accounts using POP3, IMAP, or our unique webmail interface. Redundant mail servers guarantees that mail will not be lost. No problem sending mail using Verizon FIOS or Comcast xFinity.

Our webmail interface has a integrated calendar and contact list. Upgrade to SyncSuite and share your calendar and contacts with others in your company and easily keep your mobile devices synced.


We offer several DIY or DIFM ecommerce programs. StoreMaker, EasyStoreMaker and osCommerce let you get up and running quickly.

One-click Installation

We offer one-click installation for popular applications like WordPress and Joomla


Send, receive and manage faxes from anywhere using your PC or Mobile device

  • You no longer need to circle the fax machine until a fax comes in or is sent? You are conveniently notified in the form of an email.
  • You can receive faxes wherever you are - with your mobile device.
  • Online fax also reduces your paper and toner usage which helps save your money and the environment.
  • You can check faxes on the road, in a meeting or while at home. It's convenient and as mobile as you are.

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